Blue Mountains Artists Network (soon to become Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network)1

Blue Mountains Artists Network (BMAN) is a community of arts minded volunteers whose aim is to support and encourage the development of members’ arts practices. Legally, BMAN is an incorporated non-profit with tax deductible status.

What sets us apart from other arts-based groups is that we offer:

Charm Small Paperbark Painting

  • auspice support for artists applying for grants
  • participation in Arts Trails
  • career development through learning promotion and small business skills

How can we help you?

Artists generally work in isolation. BMAN provides a support network – bringing members together to share information, helping them attract funding, and providing opportunities for them to exhibit and promote their work through Arts Trails and Exhibitions and participate in educational activities.

Member events provided by BMAN

Blue Mountains Creative Leaders Awards. Join and celebrate the leaders in all creative genres across the Blue Mountains and have an opportunity to learn from them.

Arts Trails. We arrange, oversee and heavily promote four Blue Mountains Arts Trails per year (two in the Upper Mountains and two in the Lower Mountains). This is an opportunity for you to promote and sell from your studio.

Grant support (auspice). We support artists applying for grants by providing auspice services (assistance with applications and administration of funds granted).

Weekend Open Studios. We promote, on our website, artists who open their studios on weekends.

Artists Café Talking Art. Meet every second month in a cafe with a group of fellow artists and discuss art. Sometimes led by an experienced artist, these are an opportunity for a friendly exchange of ideas.

Wild Mountain Collective.  Using the arts to explore and celebrate the ‘wild’ and our interconnected relationship with nature and one another.

Talking Art Events. Listen to experienced artists discuss and share the artistic challenges they face. 

Regular exhibitions. We organise up to ten open exhibitions per year. These are held at locations such as United Cinemas-The Edge at Katoomba, Gallery One88, and other suitable locations. These are open to member artists with a selection and judging process.

Curated exhibitions. BMAN, with the support of our Guest Curator, organises exhibitions at venues like Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Woodford Academy, Braemar Gallery and NSW Parliament House. Members have the opportunity to participate.

Education. As artists are also running a small business, we support and encourage the development of business skills by our members through classes held at TAFE, Blue Mountains Regional Business Chamber and Western Sydney Business Centre.

We also run occasional workshops on specific subjects, such as publicising and promoting your work, and how to apply for grants.

We let you know via email of ongoing education opportunities.

Website and Internet. Members can display their work on our website, and list their events and exhibitions.

We also maintain three Facebook pages (one open and two group pages). We can help you access these pages.

Public Liability insurance. As a member you are covered for Public and Products Liability insurance of $20 million when your work is displayed at a BMAN exhibition or event.

How can you become a member?

Go to ‘Join BMAN’ at the foot of the home page and follow the prompts. Membership fees are $60 to join and for the first year, and $50 per calendar year after that.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

1BMAN is an independent, incorporated organisation funded mainly by membership fees and run by volunteers. It is managed by a Board, sub-committees and other volunteers.

Blue Mountains Artists Network (BMAN) is the trading name of Blue Mountains Artists Company. BMAN is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (ABN: 72 120 813 112). The company is registered on the Register of Cultural Organisation (ROCO), page 5 of 45. For reference the Australian Business Register has the full details of Blue Mountains Artists Company which includes our deductable gift recipient status.



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