Membership is a calendar year from January to December.

  1. Membership Fees
    • $50 per year for members renewing. Due by the 30 April, will need to re-join if not renewed.
  1. New or Re-joining Members
    • $60 per year Joining Fee for new or re-joining members (whose membership has lapsed), for the first year then $50 thereafter.
    • $35 Joining Fee after 1st July for the six months to 31 December (new or lapsed members).
    • $40 Joining Fee (Students under 25 years old) for new members first year and thereafter $30 per year.
  1. Non Renewal: Members who do not renew their membership by 30 April will be removed from the Members Gallery and will have to re-join.
  1. Arts Trail Fees
    • $80 per year
    • Plus $20 per year if you have not purchased an Arts Trail flag or cannot borrow one from another artist.
  1. Exhibition Fees are in addition and may vary from time to time.


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