Recent Grants BMAN has Auspiced.

Wild Valley Art Park “Drawing on the Mountains” October 2013
Hands, Heart & Feet “Banquet of Dreams” December 2014
Wild Valley Art Park “Drawing on the Mountains” October 2014
Sarah Breen-Lovett “Palempest Performances” at Woodford Academy 2015
Ann Niddrie  “ Head in the Clouds” Banners on Katoomba St 2015
Susan Cochrane “Wrapt” event at Woodford Academy Sept 2015
Tom Taylor “Culturescape” event at Carrington Hotel October 2015
Peter Kennard “D’Yari/The Gift”  2015
Grace Kim "Sensory Concerts" 
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick "New Works for Shakuhachi Flute and String Quartet Concert"
What is Auspicing?

Sometimes grants are set up so that only organisations, and not individuals or groups of individuals can apply for them. That doesn't mean that you have to give up on the idea of applying for that grant. You could still apply for it with the help of an auspice organisation, such as BMAN.

In the context of grant applications, an auspice organisation is one that actually gets given the grant money on your behalf. They also have the responsibility for making sure that the project gets completed on time.

Auspicing is the management of grant funds for individuals / organisations that are not incorporated or that have very limited infrastructure. Auspicing by BMAN means that your grant funds are managed on your behalf, and we support the reporting to the funding body at the end of (and occasionally during) the funding period.

The Auspicing process

The first step is to approach BMAN and make sure we are happy to discuss the possibility of auspicing your grant application.

If BMAN agrees to auspice you, you'll need to work with us to put an agreement into writing. We have a pro-forma agreement we can use. Remember, this is a legal document, so make sure you don't commit to things that you know you won't be able to do!

So the process is:

  • Approach BMAN with an outline of your grant proposal. Do this early in the development of your application. Do not leave it to the last minute!
  • We will meet with you to discuss your project and your grant application. Where we can help improve the application or make helpful suggestions, we will do so.
  • BMAN will apply for a grant on your behalf using your grant application. We need to be sure you are a reliable person who will deliver the project, since we are recommending you to the granting body (Blue Mountains City Council, Australia Council, Arts NSW, etc).
  • You need to enter into a written agreement with BMAN before the project starts. Here is a sample pro-forma agreement to provide you with a guide.
  • If successful, the granting body will pay the grant to BMAN who pays funds to you in accordance with the Funding Agreement;
  • BMAN has to monitor the use of the funding to ensure compliance with the purpose for which it was provided;
  • BMAN has an obligation to provide the granting body with an itemised financial statement at the end of the project, which clearly identifies the funding and how it was spent;
  • BMAN needs to ensure the required acquittal information is provided to the granting body.

What arts genres does BMAN auspice?

BMAN auspices all genres, performance, visual, film and graphic arts.

What does BMAN charge for auspicing a grant?

First of all, you need to be a member or to join BMAN. Membership details are at:

Generally BMAN charges 10% of the total grant to auspice the artist.


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