We welcome donations. Donations are tax deductible if made to the Blue Mountains Artsist Network Public Fund.

The Blue Mountains Artists Network uses donated funds to foster the arts and for the benefit of members. The organisation is run by volunteers and so administration costs are limited to those required to make sure funds are used wisely and properly accounted for.

Typically, donations are used:

  1. To improve facilities such as lighting at exhibitions or improved arts trails.
  2. To acquire signs for the Arts Trail for direction to artists locations and for signs or flags outside artist studios or galleries.
  3. To promote our activities such as The Arts Trail or our Exhibitions. Promotion builds the ability for artists to sell their works.
  4. To assist artists develop their skills.

To make a donation please pay online or post a cheque by mail as below. We will need to know your details so we can acknowledge the donation and send a receipt.

  Thank you


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