The Grand View Hotel at Wentworth FallsThe Grand View Hotel is situated in the village of Wentworth Falls right on the Great Western Highway. It is located 160 metres from Wentworth Falls Railway Station. Concerts, markets and art exhibitions are part of the fun and enjoyment of the hotel, as well as food and drinks.and drinks,foo .

The Blue Mountains Artists Network stages four exhibitions a year in the main function room of the Grand View. It enables visitors and people attending functions to enjoy high quality local art and to make purchases.

Dates for exhibitions over the next few months can be found here on the Upcoming Events calendar

The exhibition is quite small due to the space available, but this encourages quality and the opportunity for hotel visitors attending functions to browse the exhibition and make purchases.

The dates for Exhibition opening events can be found on the Upcoming Events calendar on the top menu. These functions are usually informative and informal with lots of discussion. We usually share dinner which means the discussion continues for some time. It is an opportunity to mix with fellow BMAN members and exchange ideas. 

Other dates for exhibitions can be found on the entry forms or on the Upcoming Events calendar.


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