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Annette Coulter

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MA Art Education; Post-Grad Diploma Art Therapy; Diploma in Fine Art; Registered Art Psychotherapist in Aust, NZ, USA & Korea

Artist - Sculptural Ceramicist & Painter

Art Teacher - Sculptural Ceramics

Art Psychotherapist - Consultant, Educator

Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) Trainer

Published Author

I am a ceramic sculptor and studied painting as part of a Diploma in Fine Art. I am also a British-trained and Australian-based art psychotherapist and helped establish art therapy in Australia.  Currently, alongside my art practice, I teach sculptural ceramics at Lithgow Correctional Centre and run a private practice in the Blue Mountains, specialising in work with children, adolescents, couples and families, as well as providing supervision, agency consultation, and education.

Inspiration for my 3D & 2D art work comes from nature and focuses on intricate detail, repetition of pattern, overlay of colour and amorphic shapes. My work is influenced and sourced by the work of Klimt, Celtic design, indigenous art, as well as natural found objects, and found images. The Art Nouveau movement has an increasing influence on my work.

I am an accredited IDT (Interactive Drawing Therapy) teacher and supervisor. I have worked in child mental health, adolescent community welfare, and disability services, as well as art therapy education. 

Publications include: Art Therapy ‘Down Under’: Perspectives on the Profession from Australia and New Zealand, (in D. Gussak & M. Rosal (eds) The Wiley Handbook of Art Therapy, 2015). Australia, Family art therapy: Dots meaning and metaphor (in C. Kerr (ed) Multicultural Family Art Therapy 2015); An Introductory Guide to Art Therapy: Experiential Teaching and Learning for Students and Practitioners, (with S. Hogan), 2014; Contemporary Art Therapy with Transient Youth, (in H. Burt (ed), Current Trends and New Research in Art Therapy: A Post-modern Perspective, 2011); ‘Came Back – Didn’t Come Home’: Returning from a War Zone, (in M. Liebmann (ed), Art Therapy and Anger, 2008); Couple Art Therapy: Seeing Difference Makes a Difference, (in E. Shaw and J. Crawley, (eds), Couple Therapy in Australia: Innovative Approaches, 2007); and Art Therapy in Australia: The Extended Family, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy, 2006.


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